Greetings from Allahabad!

In celebration of the World ORS Day, an outreach program was organized on the 29th of July, Monday at Prathmik Vidyalay Varika, MahuaariNaini, a primary government school in a village, in the outskirts of the city. World ORS Day was observed with the theme – ORS- The Amrut in Dehydration.

The aim was to interact with the parents, teachers, anganwadi workers and the children themselves and disseminate the message that ORS is the Amrut in Dehydration.

The program started with a schoolboy reciting a poem on the importance of ORS! A detailed talk with the demonstration was given addressing the importance of ORS, How to prepare it, How to give it, When to give it, How to prepare it at home when ORS packet was not immediately available and the queries duly answered. This was followed by a one to one interaction with the mothers and other ladies of the village, teachers and anganwadi workers. The response was overwhelming. Some of the school children performed a short skit in Hindi and enacted a poem in English. The experience was very rewarding.

While ORS packets were distributed to the mothers, notebooks, pencils, rubbers, and erasers were distributed to the children.

Looking forward to reporting more such successful events and initiatives.


Dr. Ishita Banerji

Secretary IAP Allahabad, 2019

9235757534, Central IAP no. : L/1999/C 361

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