Web Manager Message

Web Manager Message

Dear E Readers,

I am honored to have been given the task of revamping of website of Academy of Pediatrics Uttar Pradesh.

As always, my top priority, would be to keep the website updated by both state and national events of IAP.

For the first time, we have created a separate page for each of the city branches of state IAP, through which they will be able to highlight there respective activities at national and international level

It would serve as a platform where in we will uploading literature of academic interest like articles from journals; ppt from talks and seminar conducted and cases of clinical interest.

I sincerely hope that all UP IAP members would be actively following the website and freely giving their feedback so that we always improvise and improve for better.

 Dr. Shrish Bhatnagar
Web Manager ,UP IAP

Office Bearers

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