RS rallies, Poster competitions

Planning: JAP planned and organised ORS week celebration first time in massive way under guidance of President Dr Pramod Gupta, Secretary Dr GS Chaudhary, Treasure Dr Aradhana Kankane, Senior academy and faculty members.

Approach: We conducted the activities all 7 days in different part of Jhansi for awareness of every sector of our community from rich to poor, form urban to rural, from literate to illiterate, from medical professionals like medical students, nursing students, staffs to common peoples.

Assignment of Responsibility: We assigned Responsibility to members, social activist, private to public sector hospitals, medical college, nursing college, district hospital, PHCs ,Railway hospital etc. to improve effectiveness of our activities.

Awareness Campaign: We conducted at least one activity daily from 24 to 30 July 2018. We highlighted daily ORS ORS every day, keeps dehydration at bay. We used banners, posters, PPT presentations, lectures, rallies, role plays, demonstrations, Poster completion among students, short talk by students, question answer sessions to make it more interactive. We involved other agencies like IMA, Inner Wheel club, Community leaders, Charitable trusts Like Christian Nursing College, St. Jude hospital. We organised three days activities targeting basically low socio economic group peoples. We distributed ORS packets to all participants with request to spread the awareness in at least five families. Last day we organised a CME with Prof. Shalu Gupta on fluid management.

Media Coverage: We were getting space in newspapers daily and in local TV news channel.

Highlight: ORS rallies, Poster competitions, Demonstration of preparation of ORS.





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