President Message

President Message

It is a matter of pleasure and pride to address you as President, Academy of Pediatrics, Uttar Pradesh.

The children of our state are faced with various health and behavior related problems. The government is running many health programs for newborns, children and adolescents.
Our academy at central level has also taken the responsibility of tackling health issues of children of different age slabs and has developed many action plans for its members to execute.

We, in Uttar Pradesh, need to carry out various government health programs as well as the action plans of CIAP, to improve the health of children of our state. I am sure, like previous years, this year also, we will continue to meet regularly and make strategies for improving health of our pediatric group ranging from newborn period till adolescence.
Preventing birth asphyxia,preventing and controlling infections in children, tackling non communicable diseases, malnutrition and behavior disorders are need of the hour.
We are fortunate and feel pride in organizing next national conference, Pedicon 2021, in our state’s important town Noida.

This will bring out the best suggestions for making strategies for health improvement of our children.

We welcome the paediatricians from all over India and from other countries also to share their experiences in making the children healthier and, in turn, making the world healthier.

Long Live IAP.
Dr. Sanjiv KUMAR

Dr. Piyali Bhattacharya
President,UP IAP

Office Bearers

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