ORS week summary of IAP Kanpur

Academy of Pediatrics Kanpur kick-started it’s ORS week campaign with a *PRESS CONFERENCE* a day before starting ors week activities so that we can involve and inform _media_ regarding our week long programs and reach the masses through them.
We were everywhere with our mission of *ORS AWARENESS* may it be Slums, Schools, Medical colleges, Hospitals, Private Clinics and even on Roads.
But our Target Population was *Slums and Low socio economic groups* so we planned are  activities for residents in slum area as well as primary school in slums. We distributed _Umbrellas, Soaps and Ors_ to these groups and involved the local Parshads to emphasize on cleanliness and even made him commit to make toilets and proper drainage facilities in their areas.
Our *Nukkad Natak* in slums by local health care providers was very informative n a treat to watch.
We involved Govt Medical College *GSVM* n Private Medical College *Rama* to sensitize around 400 _undergraduate MBBS_ students.
The Heart of our ors campaign was *Mega ORS RALLY* with huge crowd chanting slogans on ors and hitting the streets of Kanpur. This activity got us appreciation from _Nagar Swastha Adhikari_ Dr Amit Singh.
Our Social activities caught the eye of *Media and Common Man*. We managed to get space in around 5-10 newspapers everyday. Apart from print media we tried to reach every home by giving *FM talk and Talk on health channels* regarding importance of ors in diarrhoea.
We organized *Chemist Training Program* twice in this week by involving Chemist Association of Kanpur and emphasized  them to give only ORS n Zinc to persons who come to them for otc drugs n not to give them antibiotics for diarrhoea without drs prescription. Many chemists got convinced n volunteered to be a part of our ors campaign.
*Pamphlet distribution* was yet another important activity which we did at several places like temples, gurdwaras, in our rally and in our clinics stapling it with our every prescription.
By displaying *Banners* in hospitals and clinics we ensured every patient or person gets to know about benefit of ors.
Not to forget our committed Pediatricians of Kanpur who performed various activities in their clinics throughout the week either a  Chemist Training Program or an Ors Mixing Competition or an Ors camp or a parent education program  to support the cause.
We brought end to our long hectic ors week with a *CME on DIARRHOEA* for our practising collegues to keep pace with any recent changes going on and brush up their knowledge.
Overall we had a very positive n satisfying feedback of the activities with an extensive media coverage.
DR AMIT CHAWLA Secretary Academy of Pediatrics Kanpur
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