ORS week celebration at Aligarh

ORS week celebration at Aligarh branch started with a CME on diarrhea and ORS. All the members reiterated the need to emphasize upon educating the masses about the role of ORS as a life saver in diarrhea.

The members met CMO and other district health authorities and discussed the plan to increase the awareness about ORS.

An educational poster, prepared by IAP Aligarh, was released for the public by the CMO, in front of the media.

ORS corners were established at different places.

IN SCHOOLS : Our members very actively created awareness about diarrhea,ORS and hygiene among the future of our country, I.e., children. They were taught about the preparation of ORS and its benefits.The school children were also encouraged to prepare posters on what they think about ORS. They came out with marvelous attempts.

MASS AWARENESS : The rural and urban masses were educated about the ORS through camps, through FM radio messages and through press.

Branch President Dr Sanjiv Kumar, Secretary Dr Lavneesh Agrawal, Treasurer Dr Anoop Kumar, Dr Ravi Sood, Dr Shariq Aqil, Dr Yogendra Dwivedi, Dr Rohit Varshney,Dr Arvind Hari, Dr Alok, Dr Manazir Ali, Dr Ishtiyaq,, Dr Arun Kumar , Dr Pradeep Bansal and other members actively participated in this ORS week celebration.

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