IAP Varanasi branch has organised several camps for propagation of use of  ORS during  diarrhoeal episodes at different places like nursing college, schools, dalit basti , along with various NGO.
1st day A camp was organised at vani Kenya mahavidyalay kotwa lohta vns in association with sangh people about 200 peoples are educated by us .
 2nd day we have a camp at bhartiya siksha mandir along with teacher staff and hospital staf Dr Anjali Gupta and me given extensive view about various aspect of emergency in diarrhoea.
3rd day A CME was organised in hotel Reddission cant Varanasi for all pediatrician of varanasi.  Where Dr Rajeev Ranjan Dr vivek chetal Dr D m gupta Dr adity Singh Dr brijesh  Dr Satish Agrwal Dr Rajendr srivastav have give their views
 4th day ,A big camp was organised  QUEENS intermediate college vns where about 2000 children’s are educated .
5th day , educational programme by IAP Varanasi to nursing students and all hospital staf.Dr ashok rai Dr Amit Jain Dr awadhesh Dr Anjali Gupta and me given lecture .
6th: Ors packetsare distributed  in dalit bastion maldahia vns
7th:  we have conducted a programme on vijayanjali hospital where many pts were educated and ors packets were distributed .
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