Lucknow Academy of Paediatrics celebrated this year’s ORS week

Lucknow Academy of Paediatrics celebrated this year’s ORS week in massive way.

 ORS week preparation started around a month before the actual ORS week. After the go ahead and guidance of our president Prof R Ahuja, Secretary Dr Abhishek Bansal and Treasurer Dr Tr Yadav a whole framework for celebration of ORS week was drafted.

2 Approach: AIMS approach was drafted which formed the basic set of guidelines to celebrate the ORS week. (Awareness about ORS and diarrhea, Involve all health care professional, Talk and Use Media and Reach the Society). this help us to spread a uniform message throughout district of Lucknow

3 Nodal Persons: Coordinators and Paediatricians from both public and Private sector were chosen as Nodal persons for conducting activity at their own hospitals and Clinic. In fact the eagerness of all nodal officers to conduct the activities in whatever way they could was very heart touching

4 Awareness: Banner and Stamp campaigns formed the basis of Awareness to all the sections of society. Around 35 places all over Lucknow including the medical college acted as nodal centres where throughout the week banner was displayed; prescriptions were stamped and knowledge about correct use of ORS and Zinc in management of diarrhea was disseminated. Distribution of ORS packets and Zinc tablets were highlight part of this campaign. We distributed around 10000 packets of ORS and 2000 tablets of zinc, free of cost in the entire week. A CME on DIARRHOEA for our practising colleagues was to keep pace with any recent changes going on and brush up their knowledge.

5 Involvement: Not only paediatricians the aim of this year celebration was to involve all the paramedical and support staff in making them equipped with knowledge to deal with Diarrhea and its management. Around 2000 nursing staff and helping staff of all the various institutions and private clinic were individually addressed about the use of ORS and Zinc diarrhea. The enthusiasm in paramedical staff to participate in our awareness activities was really encouraging. Role plays and demonstration formed the basis of involving the nursing and para medics

6 Media : Lucknow Academy of Paediatrics understands the power of Media and by its association we spread the message of “ORS-ORS all the day, keeps dehydration at bay” not only in the city but also throughout the state. We managed to get space in around 15 newspapers in the entire week. Apart from print media we reached every home by giving talk on All India Radio (MW)/ FM talk and Talk on health channels regarding importance of ors in diarrhoea.

7 Society: Every program does not achieve its real motto until it penetrates and reaches the society and brings about effective change in practices of the masses. WE reached to around 1500 school children including tiny tots and highlighted them about hand hygiene and use of ORS in diarrhea. We trained the chemist through Chemist Training Program which brought us appreciation from the entire pharmacy sector. We were in different slums of Lucknow with a motto to tell them about basic health hygiene and also to emphasis on use of ORS in diarrhea. Distributions of Not only ORS and Zinc but all medicines of general use was the main highlight in slum areas.

Novel Ideas:
1. We clubbed the ORS week activity with hepatitis day activity; with a message that paediatricians should use this opportunity to make our children and parents aware about safe and healthy habits to prevent both diarrhoea and jaundice.
2. A poem especially written by one our senior members on use of ORS has struck a chord with entire Pediatric fraternity across India and has been put up on website of IAP to be read by all .
3. We published a daily E newsletter during the ORS week which gave scientific facts about management of diarrhea along with pictures of our ORS week activity. This e bulletin was spread throughout the country through emails and whatsapp group and it helped LAP to spread the message of ORS among the entire pan India Pediaitric fraternity. This bulletin activity got a special praise from the both National IAP president & President Elect and Secretary CIAP and UP IAP.

ORS week ended with a resolution by all LAP Members to continue to spread the message of “ ORS ORS all the day , keeps dehydration at bay” through the year so that message of our IAP reaches far and wide and echoes of success in management of diarrhea are heard for many years to come_

Medical Colleges /Institutions who actively participated :

King Gorges Medical University, Eras Lucknow Medical College, Sanjay Gandhi Post graduate institute ,Hind Institute of Medical Sciences 1 & 2 , Carrier Institute of Medical Sciences, Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences, Saraswati Medical college, TSM Medical college, Command Hospital, Vivekananda Polyclinic and Institute of Medical sciences

Members of branch of IAP,Dr R Ahuja, Dr Abhishek Bansal , Dr Tr Yadav, Dr Piyali Bhattacharya, Dr Mala Kumar , Dr Amit Rastogi Dr Atul Rastogi Dr Salman ,Dr Utkarsh Bansal, Dr Sarika Gupta Dr Shitanshu Srivastava ,Dr Chhavi Nanda , Dr Vijay Bhardwaj Col Thapar, Dr Sanjeev, Dr Niranajn K Singh, Dr Neeta Bhargava, Dr Utkarsh, Dr Anurag Katiyar, Dr PK Shukla, Dr Anoop Bajpai,Dr Ashutosh Verma, Dr DC Pandey Dr AC Chawla, Dr SK Rai; Dr M Pandey, Dr Manas, Dr Sanajy Niranjan, Dr Shrish Bhatnagar, Dr KK Yadav, Dr Arvind Shukla, Dr Sanjay sehta, Dr MW Beg, Dr Zaigham Abbas, Dr Ajay Srivastava. Dr Nidhi Nasaria, Dr Mridula Srivastava.

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