IAP Allahabad celebrates Breastfeeding week

Greetings from Allahabad!

In celebrations of the Breastfeeding week an outreach program was organized on the 6th of August, Tuesday at  CHC Chaka Block, in the outskirts of the city. The program was joined by the office bearers of FOGSI as well.

The aim was to interact with the Asha workers and the mothers admitted in the wards and disseminate the message of benefits of breastfeeding, the correct method of feeding besides addressing the related issues, apprehensions, effective let down, breast conditions, benefits to mother and baby alike, non nutritive sucking, avoidance of pre lacteal feeds, assessment of adequacy of feeds, etc. The mothers have demonstrated the proper method of holding the baby, latching, attachment, and burping. It was a very meaningful exercise much welcomed by all. The experience was very rewarding.

Looking forward to reporting more such successful events and initiatives.


Dr. Ishita Banerji

Secretary IAP Allahabad, 2019



Central IAP no. : L/1999/C 361    

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