IAP ALIGARH (2018 Activities and Achievements )




IAP Aligarh session started with Pediatric and Neonatal ventilation workshop at Maxfort Hospital , Aligarh This well attended and interactive workshop had the faculty comprising of Dr Rachna Sharma, Dr Kumar Ankur, Dr Ankit Parakh and Dr Prashant Jain, all from BLK Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi.

We organized a camp on 26th January in Hastpur village. Saw the patients and educated the masses about cleanliness, vaccination and proper diet.

On 10th February, a talk on Pneumococcal vaccine was delivered by Dr Ravi Sood.

IAP, in association with GSK, organized a webcast on LGG – the future of probiotics,on 23rd February.

IAP, in association with department of Pediatrics, JNMC, organized a Run for Health on World Kidney Day.Prof Kamran Afzal, pediatric nephrologist,led the programme.

‘Need to start and supervise complementary feeding’ was the topic of next CME . The speaker was Dr Ravi Sood.

We organized a mega Well Baby Show on 4th February at Aligarh exhibition, in association with Pannalal Health Services.More than 200 babies,both from rural as well as urban population, participated.

On 17th  March , SEMINAR on ‘ What is new in Neonatology and new Modalities in Pediatric critical care’ was organized,in association with Max Super Speciality Hospital , Delhi. Dr Rajeev Uttam, Dr Jai Kishore, Dr Mili Roy and others enlightened the house.

We had a  talk on Meningococcal Vaccine by Prof. Rakesh Bhatia, Agra, on 31st March. It was a very informative and  interactive talk.

‘Role of Amylase-rich Foods in complementary feeding’ was the topic of next CME programme . The speaker was Dr Sarath Gopalan, a Pediatric Gastroenterologist from Delhi.

CME on ‘Essential New born Care’ was organized by IAP in association with Tibbia College, Aligarh, on 3rd May.The experts were Prof. M.M.A. Faridi, Prof. S. Manazir Ali, Dr Surender Bisht, Dr Ravi Sachan and Dr Fehmeeda Kauser.

Dr Ayesha Ahmad from JN Medical College beautifully explained the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis – based on guidelines.

‘Build D future meet’ was the topic of CME , in which the importance of Vitamin D was very nicely explained by Prof. Manazir Ali.

On 19th June, we had a talk on Bacterial skin infections by Dr Suchita Gwade.

IAP UG Quiz was organized in JN Medical College, on 19th July.

We organized a six hour CME named’Issues in Practical Pediatrics’ on 15th July.This CME had important topics like Pot pourri in Pediatric Gastroenterology for practicing pediatricians by Dr Neelam Mohan; What is new in pediatric shock by Dr Dhiren Gupta;Advances in neonatal care in last decade by Dr Pankaj Garg;Approach to allergic disorders in children by Dr Neeraj Gupta; Gender incongruence- a holistic approach by Air commodore Dr Sanjay Sharma; Management of diabetic ketoacidosis by Dr Vikas Mehrotra; and Quality of probiotics- a clinical perspective by Dr Manazir Ali. It was really an interesting, interactive CME.

An important activity by our branch was the release of News letter- Pedia Pulse, edited by Dr Ravi Sood.

Prof A K Dutta very nicely explained the value of valency in his talk namely Choosing the right  Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine wisely, on 25th August.

Lecture on Gut comfort by Dr Piyush Prasad, Agra; and lecture on Congenital heart defects by Dr Ashutosh Marwah were other important CMEs.

We had the honour of listening to Dr Bakul Parekh on Protocol on pediatric Tuberculosis;and Dr Sanjay Ghorpade on protocol on Dengue fever,on 24th June.

We celebrated ORS week with many activities. We started with CME on diarrhea and ORS.We met the CMO and other district health authorities and discussed the plan to increase awareness about ORS.An educational poster prepared by our branch was released for the public in front of media.ORS corners were established at different places.We very actively involved school children;and educated them about diarrhea, hygiene and importance of ORS, and how to prepare it.The school children were encouraged to prepare posters on what they think about ORS;they came out with marvelous attempts.The rural and urban masses were also educated about ORS through camps,through FM radio messages and through press.

We successfully celebrated Breastfeeding week by educating the masses,the future mothers( girl students ) and healthcare personnels( the nursing staff who are the regular guides for lactating mothers ).We visited schools; educated the masses in the hospitals; organized press conference; released poster in Hindi for general public to show the importance of breastfeeding; used FM channel to broadcast messages on breastfeeding; used electronic media; organized camp in medical college and the week ended with a seminar in medical college.

Under IAP Action Plan 2018-19, we organized Pedico legal workshop on 16th September. It was a very successful,interactive workshop with active participation of Aligarh CMO and ACMO, members of branch, alongwith the faculty comprising of Dr Satish Tewari,Dr Satish Sharma,Dr V K Goyal, Dr Ashish Jain,Dr J K Gupta and Dr Ruchita Shukla. The central IAP representative was Dr Piyali Bhattacharya,who is also the President elect UP IAP.

On 6th October, Dr Ruchira M Gupta delivered a nice talk on baby skin care, and very scientifically explained the use of baby skin care products.

Another workshop namely United Airway ( under IAP action plan ) was organized  on 28th October.Dr Ajay Jain, Dr Mandeep Walia, Dr Ajeet Srivastava and Dr Ruchira M Gupta( CIAP member ) delivered the talks and trained the delegates on two workstations namely Oxygen therapy and Aerosol therapy.

From 13th to 19th November, our branch celebrated Child and Adolescent Health Care Week. We selected adolescent children of factory workers, organized indoor games for them on Teenage Day, addressed them to tell them that they have certain body and behavioural changes in this age group. There is no need to be in tension, take care of your nutrition,physical exercise, hygiene and studies without stress.On Children’s Day, message to all children and adolescents was given  on FM Radio by the President Dr Sanjiv Kumar. Parents were also advised not to put children in stress and not to impose anything on them.On Daughter’s Day, a brilliant girl, who is the daughter of a factory labourer and who writes beautiful poems, was felicitated.

On 23rd November, we had a symposium on MR Vaccine, in presence of district health authorities including the CMO, and pledged for the success of MR campaign.

Our members were very active in using the media for educating the masses, be it print media or FM radio.Dr Vikas Mehrotra, Dr Lavneesh Agrawal, Dr Anoop, Dr Abhishek Sharma and  Dr Arun Kumar Singh participated in Prashn Prahar/ Hello Jagran programme of Dainik Jagran news paper, and answered the questions of general public on telephone.

President Dr Sanjiv Kumar attended the EPID TOT Workshop at NOIDA and delivered a talk on Japanese Encephalitis at Agra in EPID programme.

Holi celebration programme was a very entertaining family programme alongwith other programmes like a camp for kanvariyas on Mahashivratri.

Our branch was adjudged best branch of the year in UP Pedicon.

Branch president Dr Sanjiv Kumar was elected UP President  for 2019-20. Branch member Dr Vikas Mehrotra was elected as Joint Secy UP State this year.

Our branch was awarded UP Pedicon for 2019.

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