Indian Academy of Pediatrics

U.P. State Branch Constitution

Date : Saturday, 17th Nov. 2007
Place : Moradabad

Prof. K.L. Shrivastava, President 2007
Dr. Vineet Saxena, Secterary
Dr. Gyan P. Lal, President 2008

Draft Prepared by :
Dr. Ajay Kalra
Dr.Mahesh Kr. Goel
Dr.Vineet Saxena


The UP State Chapter of IAP was  established in the early 1970s. As per the needs of those times, the constitution of the chapter was very brief. Later, it was felt that a more comprehensive constitution is needed. Therefore, in 1970, a fresh constitution was drafted and adopted in the tenure of Dr. Kanwal Kalra, President. This remained in vogue till 1990 when modifications were made into this chapter in the tenures of Dr. K.L. Srivastava and Dr. Gyan P. Lal in 2007 and 2008 on the basis of the draft recommended by a committee comprising of Dr. Ajay Kalra, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Goel and Dr. Vineet Saxena.

  1. Name of Association               :            Academy Of Pediatrics ,U.P.
  2. Office of the Association       :            Place of Honorary Secretary
  3.  Aims and Object                       :a.    To promote and advance modern medical sciences in all their different branches.

    b.    To encourage and advance the knowledge, study and practice of the science of paediatrics in all possible ways.

    c.     To maintain the honour and dignity of the medical profession in general and pediatrics in particular.

    d.    To uphold the interests of the paediatricians.

    e.    To promote scientific collaboration of its members and make rules regarding standards for their professional conduct.

    f.     To promote and encourage the member to participate and to attend scientific conventions at various levels.

    g.    To work for continued medical education of the members of the association and to hold refresher courses regularly.

    h.    To organize establish conduct superintend or control institutions for promoting directly practice study and research in paediatrics in any of its aspects.

    i.      To provide facilities to students, scholars and institutions for the study for research in paediatrics in any of its aspects by way of scholarships fellowships ,grants endowments etc.

    j.      To found maintain or award either itself or in cooperation with other bodies or persons, fellowships, prizes, certificates, diplomas of proficiency in the science of paediatrics and conduct such tests, examinations or other scrutiny as may be prescribed from time to time.

    k.     To organize conferences, lectures, meetings, seminars, exhibitions for the promotion of its objects.

    l.      To establish and maintain libraries reading rooms laboratories and research centre for the promotion of its objects.

    m.   To organize medical corps for providing medical relief during epidemics and in time of emergency.

    n.    To borrow or raise money in such a manner as the association may think fit and collect subscription and donations for the purpose of the association.

    o.    To consider and express its views on all questions affecting child health in State and to study, suggest, criticize or otherwise advise or take in the framing of laws affecting the science and practice of paediatrics.

    p.    Invest any money of the association not immediately required for any of its objects in such manner as may, from time to time be determined by the executive committee.

    q.    To cooperate and affiliate with other bodies and also to engage in such other forms of activities as may be decided upon by the society from time to time for the purpose of carrying out all or nay of the society.

  4. Power and Function of the  Executive Committee:1. The Executive Committee will administer the affairs of the Association in accordance with the memorandum, rules and regulations of the Association. Ordinarily the Executive Committee will meet twice in a year.

    2. The Executive Committee shall have the right to appoint special committee if any when found necessary and delegate some of the powers to such committee which shall be responsible to the Executive Committee. Vice President and Secretary shall be Ex-Officio members of such committee.

  5. To appoint officers and other staff as may be found necessary or convenient for the conduct and management of the affairs of the society and pay them such remuneration as may be prescribed from time to time.s.     To do all such other things as may be necessary, incidental, conductive or convenient to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

    t.      Erect, maintain, improve or alter and keep in repair any building for the purpose of the association.


    (a) Life :
    Any person possessing medical qualifications as defined in medical council of India 1956 and a degree or diploma in paediatrics and is a member of Indian academy of paediatrics ( Parent body) on approval of Executive Committee. He /She must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh.

    (b) Associate Life
    Any person possessing medical qualifications as defined in medical council of India 1956 but not holding a degree or diploma in paediatrics can become an associate member by paying the subscribed fees and on approval of the Executive Committee. These members will get all benefits of the Association except the right to vote and hold any post.

    (2)Association Year:
    The year of the association for financial purpose shell be from the 1st April to 31st march of the following year.

    (a) It will be Rs.1000/- This amount is non-refundable and the whole amount will be kept in saving bank account and fixed deposit and the interest would be utilized for the expenses incurred for the benefit and for fulfilling the aims and objects of association.

    (b) Subscription and life membership fee are subject to change from time to time as recommended by executive board and approved by GBM.
    (c) If husband and wife both are members of the Society, such members will be eligible to become Couple Life / Associate life members of the Society by paying 80% of the prevalent life membership fee each.  Such members will receive only one communication including Journals from Society for both, in common on either name including all statutory notices except the voting right which will be enjoyed by either of them separately as per the eligibility.
    (d)An Indian member may apply to the Society for exemption in payment of subscription after attaining the age of 70 years and  membership fee of such a member shall be exempted.
    (e)An Indian member of the Society after attaining the age of 65 years wishes to enroll himself as Life or Associate Life member may do so on payment of 1/3 rd of prevailing Life / Associate Life membership fee in lump sum in addition to the prevalent entrance fee.

  6. Register of members:
    The register of all the members of the association with their name, address phone numbers, mobile numbers and qualification etc. shall be maintained by the hony. Secretary and the treasurer.A person desirous of becoming life or associate life member of the Society shall fill in the necessary details in a prescribed from and shall get it proposed and seconded by an life member of the society. He shall then forward the form duly filled in to general secretary of the state branch for necessary action.

    5. Privileges of membership:
    Payment of life membership shall entitle the member to all privileges of membership of the association during his life time. All members shall have the right to attend medical conferences, organized by the association. All member shall enjoy all other privileges that may here-in-after be conferred by the association.

    6. Termination of membership: 
    Membership may be terminated,
    (a) by resignation a member may at any time resign his/her membership by giving 30 days notice in writing to the Hony. Secretary. The resigning member shall pay all dues against him/her.
    (b) by removal of name, on the ground of undesirable conduct. If the conduct of a member be deemed by the Executive Committee prejudicial to the interests of the association the executive committee shall refer the matter to the central body for action.
    (c) upon being de-registered by the board of registration or state medical council on the ground of unethical conduct, from the date and period of de-registration.
    (d) upon forfeiture through misconduct of the medical qualification by virtue of which he/she becomes eligible for membership
    (e) a member guilty of infamous conduct (as defined under ethical code by I.M.C.) or of acts prejudicial to the interests of the Society may on the proposal of the Executive Board and after giving the member 30 days’ notice to make any written   representation that he may desire to make, be expelled from the Society, by a resolution, carried by a three fourths majority of the members present in a General Body Meeting expressly called for the purpose or at the Annual General Body meeting of the Society.

    The notice of the meeting shall contain the particulars of the charges against the member and shall be accompanied by written explanation, if any, submitted by the member.

    5. Management of the:
    The General Control management and direction of the policy and affairs of the association shall be vested in a body styled as “Executive Committee”.

  7. Composition of the Executive Committee :
    The Executive Committee shall be composed of the following:

    Post/Tenure          No.                                  Remarks/Tenure
  8.  1. President               One                                    Elected One Year
    2. President Elect     One                                    Elected One Year. Will take over as President in the following year.
    3. Immediate Past    One Year                           President
  9. Vice President           One                                  Elected One Year5. Hony. Secretary    One                                 Elected Two Year

    6. Joint Secretaries    Two                                 i-Elected One Year,
    ii- Reserved For Org. Secy. Of Forthcoming
    7. Treasurer               One                           Elected Two Year (From the place of honorary
    secretary on secretary’s recommendation )
    8. Members               Ten                                 Elected One Year
    9. Editor of journal  One                             Elected by Executive

Three Years Only from                 Place of Committee

Publication of Journal.

10 Ex-Officio Members
a. Immediate Past Secretary
b .Member  National Executive Board-Central IAP
11. Co opt Members-     Two –    Proposed by president and approved by  the Executive Committee.
1. Faculty member of paediatrics department from state medical  college
2. Member of PMHS
(The Co opted members will not have right to vote)

  1. Election:a. The election of the office bearers and the members of the Executive Board of the association shall be held by secret ballot as per the guidelines supplied by the Executive Board members from time to time. The process will begin after midterm executive board meeting.

    b. Executive Board will decide date and detail schedule as well appoint a chief election Officer who will conduct the whole election process starting from receiving the nomination till declaration of result .

    c. Any member who has any complaint about the election shall give the same in writing addressed to the Secretary General within 21 days of the declaration of the result.

    d. An election tribunal consisting of the President and two of the past presidents shall be constituted to go into the complaint and the decision of the tribunal shall be final.  In case a member of the tribunal is involved himself in any way in such dispute, he shall not be a member of that tribunal.

    e. In case of any dispute, the place of jurisdiction shall be the place of Secretary .

  2. Terms of the Executive Committee their duties & Powers:(a) Term: Ordinarily the terms of office of the Executive Committee shall be one year, viz, 1st January to 31st December of the following year.

(b) Duties and Powers of the Office Bearers: 

1. The President :
A. Shall be the Chairman of all the meetings of the Executive Committee.
B. Shall guide and control the work of the office bearer and look after the harmony of the activities of the                   Association
C. Shall Preside at the General Body meeting of the Association.
D. Shall in addition to his ordinary vote, have a casting vote in case of equality of votes.

  1. President– Elect : In the absence of the President, the President3. Immediate Past PresidentIn the absence of the President and President

    3. Vice- President : In the absence of the President and the

    4. Hon. Secretary :
    a. Shall be in charge of the State  Office including Elect will have the same duties and powers as are vested in the President. Elect, the Immediate Past President will have the same duties and powers as are vested in the President. President – Elect, Immediate Past President, the vice President will have the same duties and powers as are vested in the President. its records.
    b. Shall supervise the accounts, approve all bills for payments.
    c. Shall conduct all correspondence.
    d. Shall organize, arrange and convene meetings Conferences, lecturers and demonstrations.
    e. Shall attend as far as possible all the meetings of the Executive Committee and keep correct minutes of all the proceedings there in.
    f. Shall maintain an up-to-date register of all members of the association.
    g. Shall look after the movable and immovable property of the association

    5. Joint Secretary :

1 He/she will assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties and in the absence of the Secretary perform all duties that pertain to his office.
2 The Organizing Secretary-cum-Joint Secretary will organize the Annual Meet in consultation with the Executive Committee and deposit them in the bank approved by the Executive Committee to the credit of the Association and operated by the ‘The Treasurer’ and the ‘Hony. Secretary. In the absence of one person it will be operated by the President.

  1. Treasurer :
    a. Shall receive all the money of the association of his duties and in the absence of the Secretary perform all duties that pertain to his office.b. Shall dispose off all the bills for payment as approved by the Hony. Secretary.

    c. Shall be responsible for keeping an up-to-date account of the Association with all the Accounts Books posted up to date.

    d. Shall prepare monthly accounts to be placed before the Executive Committee for annual meeting and audited as for the Mid Term Meeting of the Executive Committee.

    e. Shall prepare an annual statement of accounts and a balance sheet showing the financial position of the Association and get it audited by an auditor and submit it for adoption by Executive Committee followed by its approval at General Body Meeting.

    f. The annual statement of Accounts will then be forwarded in General Body Meeting For Final approval by the General Body.

    g. Shall keep, update and maintain

  2. Member of Executive :He/she should be a member of the Association.
    The member contesting for the post of Executive Board member should have been a
    member State & Central IAP for 3 complete years as on or before 1st January to be eligible to contest for the ensuing election.  The term of the elected members to the Executive Board shall be of a period of one year.8. Editor : He/she should be a member of the Association with more than 10 years experience in Paediatrics after post graduation and 8 years of registration with U.P. State Branch and central  I. A. P. His/her term will be for three years. There should be a gap of 3 years before a second nomination.

    Note : For posts Vice President ,Joint Secretary and Treasurer the term shall not be more than two years in succession. If a person has remained on the same post for two successive years, there should be a gap of two years before being nominated again for that post.
    Member of National Executive Board central will be Ex Officio members of state IAP. They will not entitled to hold any other post in state.

    6. Elections : The process will begin after the Mid Term Meeting of the Executive Committee in May/June appoints an Election Officer to conduct the Elections by Secret postal ballot and should end by 30th September.

    7. Mid Term Vacancy in the Executive Committee Any mid-term vacancy arising in the Executive Committee will be filled by the nomination of  members  by the Executive Committee . The term of office of such member shall be for the

    6. MEETINGS :
    (I) The annual general meeting to be held in during state pedicon will be post-election meeting and it can be called by giving 21 days notice. Vacant posts of the Executive Committee will be filled up at this meeting from amongst the members present at the meeting.
    (II) Meetings of the Executive Committee will be held as and when necessary, at least twice in a year. Special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the president whenever deemed necessary or upon request of two members of the executive committee, due notice having been given of 21 days and specifying the purpose and agenda of the meeting.

    7. ANNUAL CONFERENCE : To be held every year in the month of October City branch will give their bid on prescribe form one year in advance. If office receive more than one bid application ,Executive Committee will decide the place. Organizing Committee will have to pay Rs. 25,000 or 1/3 of saving, whichever is higher to state office. Scientific programme of conference will be decided by Organizing Committee and approved by Executive Committee..

  3. FORMATION OF CITY/DISTRICT BRANCHES :Request for formation of City/District Branches should come to the state office which would forward them to central office provided they fulfill the relevant rules of central IAP.9. ADVISORY BOARD : This shall constitute of all Past Presidents. The State Executive Board will be empowered to call their meeting and on opinion from as a when needed.

    10. QUORUM:
    (i) Quorum for the General Body Meeting shall be 25% of the total membership as on that day
    before the start of the meeting.
    (ii) The quorum of Executive Meeting shall be 25% of the total strength of Executive Committee or 5 members, whichever is less. If for want of quorum, the meeting is adjourned  the same can take place after1/2 hour, provided a notice is given to that effect regarding the venue, time and date and the agenda will be the same.

    11. DISSOLUTIONS : The association may be dissolved on aresolution passed at the General Body Meeting called for the specific purpose, giving a due notice of 21 days. The resolution shall be considered as passed by 2/3 majority of the members present and voting. It shall not be considered as passed by the simple majority.

    If upon the winding up or dissolution of the association there remains, after Satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the society but shall be given or transferred to a charitable institution or organization having objects similar to the objects of the society and which shall prohibit distribution of its income and property amongst its members. This can be done according to the provisions of U.P. Societies Registration Act.

    12. JURISDICTION : Any dispute arising out of this shall be within the jurisdiction of place of secretary.

    13. VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE : Vote of no-confidence can be moved in the General Body Meeting. When vote of no-confidence is passed, the next in command will take over the charge or if deemed necessary, the Executive Committee can elect the new incumbent for the vacant post/s.

    14. AMENDMENT : The constitution can be amended in executive board and ratified at the General Body Meeting
    by ¾ majority of the members present and voting.

  4. FUNDS :All the money received by way of life membership fees, pedicon  organizing team contribution and incentive received from Central IAP  shall remain with office and shall be deposited in the Saving bank and Unit Trust/Fixed Deposit for a long period and the interest received from it shall be non-refundable. The whole amount will be kept in FDR/UTI and interest would be utilized for the expenses incurred for the benefit and fulfilling the aims and objects of the association.
    The Executive Body shall not utilize more than 75% of the funds in one year and next year’s Executive Body will ensure that the 25% saving of last year can be utilized but at the time of handing over this 25% along with 25% of the income of current years is redeposit. Secretary  will have a power to spend Rs. 5000 in a month ,10 000 after approval with president. Any expense above Rs 10,000 will be approved by Executive Body


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