CME on Developmental Pediatrics on 17th of March

The IAP, Allahabad branch organized a CME on Developmental Pediatrics on 17th of March, Sunday, at AMA convention centre, Allahabad. The speakers were Dr Meenakshi Girish and MS. Neelu Somani from Nagpur. Dr Meenakshi Girish gave a lecture on “International classification of functioning, health & disability“ followed by “Terminologies in childhood disabilities” and “An office approach to Cerebral palsy”. She emphasized on the fact that early detection and early intervention plays a vital role in the outcome, in children with Developmental Disability. Counseling of parents of children with disability should be empowering not despairing. The typical statement that your child has a brain damage and nothing can be done about that is not only incorrect but can be devastating for the family. With proper training any primary health care professional should be able to manage a child with Developmental Disability following the principles of transdisciplinary care till such time the child can go to a Developmental specialist and this is particularly important in the first two years of life.

Ms Neelu Somani, audiologist and speech pathologist gave an illustrative talk on the “Need for early assessment & intervention in childhood hearing loss”. According to census 2011, hearing impairment has been found to be the commonest childhood disability in India. Not hearing since birth is the commonest cause for a child not able to speak. Hearing loss is an emergency. By the age of 3 yrs a child’s brain grows to 82% of an adult. Hence, hearing loss should be identified & intervention started by the age of 6 months. Children born with hearing loss, benefit with hearing aids or a cochlear implant.

Each talk was followed by a vibrant interactive session. 60 pediatricians had registered for the CME. The CME was a great success and got wide print media and electronic coverage.
Looking forward to report more such successful events and initiatives.

Dr Ishita Banerji
Secretary IAP Allahabad

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