Child Today-Special Cardiology Edition

Special Cardiology Edition

♦️In last 3 decades Pediatric cardiology has achieved various milestones in India. Today with the expertise of early and accurate diagnosis, timely referral and availability of medical and surgical treatment we are able to treat children with simple and complex cardiac disease.
♦️To achieve the goal of providing care to the children with cardiac problem there is constant need of periodic education programs to sensitize the practicing physicians and paediatricians.
♦️A small effort is being done through present edition of ‘Child Today’ covering basics of paediatric cardiology to update knowledge of postgraduate students and pediatricians who are the primary treating physicians.
❇️Dr Munesh Tomar (Special Editor)
❇️Dr Ruchira M Gupta (Editor in Chief)
❇️Dr Shrish Bhatnagar (Executive Editor)



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